Yoga: A Beginner’s Guide

A great number of people will scoff at the thought of yoga, but singularly fail to see the point of it and all the benefits that it can bring. Yet, equally, many of them are probably secretly wanting to know more about this exercise that has been so effective throughout history, yet so unchanged, that […]

Ways to Move Your Body While Being Unmotivated

The problem of being unmotivated is one that affects so many people, and is totally relatable. For whatever reason, we sit down or stand at work and just cannot muster the physical or emotional strength to get up and be active. And whilst it may hang over us like a dark cloud that we can’t […]

The Fastest Way to Get in Shape as a Woman

The pressures of weight management are, unfortunately, increased several times over for women. For a range of reasons, societal pressures have dictated that a woman feels somehow more responsible for staying in shape than a man, and whilst we should all be completely happy in our own bodies (ignoring what anyone tells us) there is […]

The Different Types of Yoga and Where to Start

It’s easy to get confused when starting to look into yoga. You may find yourself worrying about whether you’re ‘right’ for it, or whether you’ll ever reach the skill level shown by some of the more well-known yoga enthusiasts on social media. Or you may have heard about ‘hot yoga’, ‘Ashtanga yoga’ or ‘Vinyasa’ and […]

The Different Types of Cardio

Cardio has one major thing going for it; its beauty is in its simplicity. Being that the only major criteria for cardio is to be an exercise that works the heart, there are an absolute ton of different cardio exercises and regimes out there. Let’s take a look at some of them. Low intensity cardio […]

The Benefits of Walking 10K Steps a Day

You’ll probably hear a lot of people tell you that you need to walk several thousand steps a day. Indeed, most exercise apps and smartwatches give a benchmark of between 10 and 15 thousand steps as the point where you’ve done enough steps for the day. And that’s all well and good. Exercise is great. […]

The 10 Most Common Health Issues for Females

Men and women, as anyone will know, live with a range of issues specific to either being a man or a woman. Whether its to do with genito-urinary health, hormone imbalances or fat placement, here are 10 of the most common health issues that specifically affect women. 1 – Heart-disease. This is a universal problem […]

Post-Workout: How to Speed Up Your Muscle Recovery

We’ve all had one of those workouts where we’ve worked the major muscle groups, ‘felt the burn’’ and then got home afterwards, only for the delayed muscle fatigue to kick in. We’re then unable to get back to our workout for hours or even days as we’re sat incapacitated through pain and stiffness. Whilst muscle […]

Post-Injury: How to Start Again After a Long Break

Generally, if we suffer some sort of exercise or training related injury, it goes one of two ways. Either it rocks our confidence and we never really get it back, opting instead to head back to the gym and actively avoid anything resembling the scenario when we sustained the injury. Alternatively, we resolve to get […]

5 Ways to Reduce Bloating

Bloating is a major inconvenience; if it’s not permanent (itself a real happiness killer) then it can come on, present itself at the most inconvenient time and give no indication of how long it’ll stay for. It’s horrible for any female’s confidence, and means we feel uncomfortable, unable to fit into certain clothes, and without […]