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Yoga is a great tool for self-development. We teach and inspire every individual to transform their minds and bodies by practicing yoga and developing healthy habits.


Enhance your well-being and be consistent with your yoga practice by following our guided workouts and instructional videos recorded by professional yoga teachers.


A healthy lifestyle goes far beyond regular exercise. Eating a healthy, balanced diet is another important aspect. Build your healthy eating habits with the help of our simple yet delicious recipes.


Protein gives you the energy to keep moving while also supporting mood and cognitive function. It also plays a big role in muscle growth. Boost your daily protein intake and enjoy a delicious, nutrient-rich dinner with this recipe.

healthy snacks

Surround yourself with healthy choices and eat these snacks on the go or before workouts.

nutritious lunch

Nourish yourself with protein, quality carbs, and healthy non-saturated fats during lunch.

vegetarian diet

Eat a varied vegetarian diet with plenty of vegetables and fruits packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber.


Get access to guides, learning materials, and various e-books about yoga, health, and lifestyle. Deepen your understanding of human anatomy, mindful movement, breathing techniques, and other important aspects of yoga.

meditation guide

You can meditate – anywhere and anytime – even if you have never done it before. This guide will teach you the basic aspects and techniques of meditation and prove to you that meditation is accessible to everybody. Ease your mind, release stress, and master mindfulness with the help of this e-book, which will walk you through easy steps to getting started.

asanas for beginners

If you’re new to yoga and looking for an easy-to-use practical guide, this book will come in handy. Follow step-by-step instructions to practice and master most of the main yoga poses. Learn the different benefits of asanas, get ideas of beginner modifications, and work your way towards a better, deeper yoga practice. This book also includes some cues for yoga teachers.

yoga and flexibility

Flexibility seems like a prerequisite to practicing yoga. However, it’s possible to reap the benefits of yoga without overstretching your body. Besides, “stiffness” may even be an asset in your practice. In this book, the author looks into the aspect of flexibility and counters the widely held belief that only flexible people can do yoga. Read it to learn more about stretching.


Learn more about yoga and a healthy lifestyle by reading our carefully researched articles on well-being, mindfulness, yoga practice, fitness, and other topics. Gain new insights, tips, and tools that will last you long into the future.

Do You Have to Be Flexible to Do Yoga?

One of the most popular misconceptions about yoga is that you need to be flexible to do it. With mind-blowing photos of contortionist asanas all around the web, it’s not hard to see where this myth comes from. However, being able to get your foot behind your back is not a prerequisite for a good yoga practice. In fact, flexibility is a nice side effect that develops from regular sessions. Still can’t believe that you can do yoga even if you’re stiff as a board? Here are some reasons why yoga is accessible to everyone.

Health Benefits of a Weekly Yoga Session

Whether you’ve been practicing yoga for a while or you’re a newbie, you probably know that it helps improve flexibility, build full-body strength, and tone the body. But did you know that yoga has therapeutic properties and your mental and physical health can also benefit from this ancient practice? Hundreds of studies have shown that yoga is not only a great exercise but also an awesome medicine and means of preventive care. So how can you use yoga to improve your well-being? Here are some of the health benefits of doing yoga regularly.